The Gateway Virtual Reality Showroom is

A window into an industry and Los Angeles’​ destination for VR and interactive technology experiences. The showroom is home to a professional staff of virtual reality developers, designers, artists, directors, and entrepreneurs all focused on broadcasting virtual reality and immersive tech to the mainstream.

The showroom blends its internal mix of original development work with best in class experiences from single/multiplayer VR to augmented reality art. If you’re looking to experience virtual reality for the first time, forge new experiences with your team, or even license the next exciting title for your VR center or arcade; the Gateway has something just for you.

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AR Art Gallery

Curated by the showroom’s Art Director, the augmented reality gallery is a hands on look into the different ways AR can be used. AR or augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on the view of the real world and is seen to be the most immediate technology to disrupt who we interpret the world around us.


Single Player Rooms

We all got our start with virtual reality by playing in our friend’s living rooms. We wanted to recreate the intimate experience of hanging with your friends or family in a shared space and playing together. We also partnered with the local Santa Monica food and beverage eateries so you can unwind with your friends in our cozy single player rooms.


Multiplayer “Warehouse Scale” VR

Warehouse scale virtual reality is the future. There is no comparison to walking through virtual worlds with your friends, family, or co-workers in a space that affords mobility. The multiplayer experiences are designed around team challenges and are the concluding piece to our “Gateway Tour”. 


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