What’s The Buzz About Haptic Suits?

Virtual Reality is an up and coming form of entertainment, immersing you in a world where you can look around in 360 degrees while also interacting with your surroundings. Many developers are wondering how to utilize such systems, but others are still looking for ways to make these experiences feel even more real. That’s where the Haptic Vest comes in.

A Haptic Vest is a piece of technology that you put on your entire body (i.e. a vest). This vest is powered by and connected to the VR system, which in turn sends vibrations through your body, which are cued by a game. The vibrations can target specific parts of your body and can vary in intensity. In one instance you may have your right arm vibrate softly to show the recoil of a gun you are firing, or you could feel a quick vibration over your heart as you are shot with an arrow. The extremes of these can be boiled down to the idea of being blown up or crushed alive, resulting in your entire body shaking violently. Having even one more way to feel that much more involved is going to change the industry. Granted, these vests and such are still in their earliest stages, just like VR is, but the technology has promise.

Some issues remain though, such as the fact that some of the vests cant be worn with certain VR backpack units that are used in warehouse scale content, or the fact that its just one more cord to drag around along with the usual cord that some VR headsets use. Regardless of where they are now in their developmental stages, one thing is obvious. The best is yet to come.

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